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South Staffordshire IRRV Winners

Congratulations to our award-winning customers

Many of our customers once again excelled at the IRRV Performance Awards this year.  Special mention goes to South Staffordshire Council who picked up the IRRV's "Excellence in Social Inclusion" award

IRRV Big Fish Winner

482 Kilogram Sunfish caught at the IRRV Conference

With adept angling skills, the LGSS winner of our Big Fish Competion netted themselves a Nintendo Switch and Labo kit, proving that technology and innovative thinking are a winning combination

Other News

We are attending and speaking at the Benefits and Welfare Reform Conference in Grangemouth on Wed 21st November.  Come and join us to talk about the future of Scottish Welfare and see our latest products


May 2018's Innovation Days pay dividends.  Several ideas reached the funding stage this month including fuzzy testing, mega-stats and a Facebook alternative


We are proud to announce that BECS Scan 2.0 is available for general release. For more information,
contact us via the usual channels

Channel shift with BECS

The Intelligent Solution

We believe in Open Innovation

Leveraging decades of innovation experience we turn dreams into working solutions for your real world problems 


It all starts with a process  We run Innovation Days to teach our employees, customers and partners like you how to innovate.  Using a proven step-by-step programme, you develop your ideas, gather market research and run real world experiments to test your hypotheses and collect data.  The outcome is a pitch for further funding backed by an agile business plan

Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together
Robert South

Team Netsol is the place to take your ideas  When your pitched business idea passes the first stage, you work with our experienced developers and potential customers using our Agile development process to create a real, scalable working solution.  We then provide business advice and infrastructure to help you deliver your solution to market 


All Ideas start as Bad Ideas

Don't be put off your idea by the fear of ridicule or failure.  Ideas only become reality when tested and transformed.  Most Good Ideas come from what looked like a Bad Idea

It takes a Little Magic

Open Innovation is a process that taps into your undiscovered creativity.  Working with people who understand the creative and technical processes is invaluable

Business Know-how

Running a business is difficult.  Team Netsol not only helps you secure funding, but provides human resources, office space, kit and advice until your new business takes off 

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