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Channel shift your expertise to
Self-Service and the front line with BECS

Modern Revs and Bens

BECS is a modular platform that delivers a modern online Revenues & Benefits service to self-service customers, staff and trusted third parties in over 80 UK Local Authorities

BECS enables channel shift from expensive back office staff to Self-Service Customers and front line Customer Service representatives whilst increasing the quality, accuracy and efficiency of your service

BECS is a comprehensive platform customised to your needs:

* a powerful rules-based questionnaire engine that understands Revenues & Benefits regulations and the interaction between them to deliver an expert unattended service that covers all the bases

* automation and back office integration with all the main Revs & Bens, document management and Risk Based Verification systems

* integrates with customer portals and CRM

* works in all modern desktop and mobile Web browsers - no downloads required or personal data stored on local machine

* is secure, GDPR-compliant and hosted on dedicated servers in a UK datacentre, not on a risky US-owned Cloud service

* is a DWP National Product developed by LAs for LAs

* can be procured via the Crown Commercial Service's G-Cloud 11 Framework

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