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COVID-19 Triage software screenshots


Manage customer enquiries efficiently online.

Create a better user experience 

Help people quickly access the help and support they need. The self-serve triage tool generates a personalised list of information and links.

BECS Triage to support business

Businesses in your area can apply directly for the financial support you provide. In the case of the discretionary business grant applications, a complete assessment and management capability is provided. Awarded grants can be actioned and monitored with final decisions reported and sent for payment. Ensures that council budgets can be monitored against available funding.

This business feature can be purchased as a standalone product 

Easy and simple to use

The easy to use BECS Triage applications, with comprehensive management back-end functionality and detailed reporting works across all devices and is fully compliant with the government's accessibility and security standards.

COVID-19 Triage software screenshots

Build reports and monitor trends 

Usage data and reporting tools allows you to monitor trends and user demand for your services

Co-created with local authorities

During this rapidly evolving period, we have worked with a steering group of Local Authority partners to develop solutions to the huge demands on your systems and the significant challenges you and your customers face.

We know that timing is critical and we can set tailored responsive solutions live within days to help your customers get the support they need, and to help your teams manage workloads efficiently.

“This will help get citizens to the right links and applications for their circumstances, quickly and without fuss, freeing up my call lines and staff to focus on the most vulnerable”

“We are looking forward to setting this tool live on our council website to effectively manage the volume of calls we are receiving. It is fast, easy to use and understand. The output for people and businesses, with both the personalised links and advice is very good”



Our council website already has a lot of information related to Covid-19, so why do we need this? 

The solution we have developed makes your website and resources work efficiently for you. By directing your citizens to the BECS Triage tool, they will be delivered to all of the resources from your website that are relevant to them. They are advised which loans and grants they are eligible for, so that you can quickly deliver the grants to the right people. 


Can Businesses apply for a Discretionary Business grant using this tool?    

Yes, a complete assessment and management capability is provided. Awarded grants can be actioned and monitored with final decisions reported and sent for payment. This ensures that council budgets can be monitored against available funding. 


Will this assist in getting the business rate grants out quickly?

Definitely. BECS Triage identifies the correct grant(s) for applicants. They are placed into a special intray so that you can prioritise the award and get it to the applicant as quickly as you are able. 


Does this tool allow people to make applications for services? We have our own forms and systems for this. 

Where you have existing forms then we simply provide links. If you don’t have existing processes to handle applications, then we can provide these.  


I need to be able to show how our service performed during the crisis and how our citizens and local economy will be impacted in the future. Elected members want data that identifies performance in relation to equalities and vulnerability. Can this system help? 

The system records and stores data that can be used to demonstrate performance, showing who you helped and how. This includes households and businesses. The data can be used to see where the pressure points and need were within your communities and whether there were issues that would relate to risk or inequalities. You would be able to use this insight to demonstrate the success of your policies and procedures in addressing these needs, and likewise, where there are gaps or shortfalls.

The dataset from the tool would form the basis of robust forecasting, which would help identify future requirements. In turn, this will give the business case for applying to government for appropriate funding and for the deployment of finances and resources.


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