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COVID-19 Triage software screenshots


Support your vulnerable customers by providing the help they need.

Make getting tested for Covid-19 a more manageable experience 

It is essential that applicants who are required to make this claim, feel that it is easy and quick. As claimants will be self-isolating and particularly vulnerable, it is import that the claim mechanism and evidence production facilities are simple and easy.

Team Netsol’s form allows simple question and answer, followed by easy to follow instructions for the upload of necessary evidences to prove their claim.

COVID-19 Triage software screenshots

Administer support payments directly, without user intervention

These payments are intended to help save lives and stop the transmission of Covid-19, by incentivising testing and ensuring that people are financially compensated for time spent away from work.

Once the criteria have been met for payment, it is key that funds can then be transferred to the claimant. Our solution takes all approved applications and provides output to your payments system to avoid unnecessary delays and further administration. 

Data held securely and a form ready to go in days

All Team Netsol systems are produced with security (UK hosting) and ease of setup at the forefront of design. We look to setup a new customer within just a few days from purchase, giving applicants the opportunity to have their claims processed almost straight away.

The system administration tool is ready for the local authority to manage applications immediately, whilst also producing management information and statistics.



I am concerned about my customers' data and the future problems Brexit will bring, is my data safe and held within the UK? 

ALL Team Netsol solutions are hosted securely in dedicated ISO certified data centres within the UK. The potential EU-US Privacy Shield problems faced by many other suppliers, between EU and the US frameworks, are not a problem for our customers as we have always ensured total protection.


Government keep bringing out new initiatives and we don’t have very long to prepare, how quickly can we roll out this system for our customers?   

We hear you and we face the same dilemmas. Over the last 12 months we have been building our products for rapid deployment so this solution we expect to rollout in a matter of days. We do some simple branding, a bit of initial configuration and then it’s ready to go for you to put on your website.


No one knows what stats the government will ask for yet but thinking ahead, will this product allow me to report on numbers of claims and such?

BECS TnT Go is not a totally new product that is built from scratch, it utilises technology already used for our other products in the BECS range. Therefore it certainly does have customised reporting that allows for any assessments to be reported on and allow breakdown from criteria specified.


I expect to need some evidence from customers applying for Track and Trace Payments, will this system allow this to be done electronically? My LA doesn’t have capacity for paper copies.

Yes, BECS TnT Go has a full upload facility that allows customers to easily take photos and upload with their claim via their phone, their pc or any chosen device. This information is then retained within GDPR thresholds until it is no longer required.


This seems like a lot of product, does this make it expensive?  

Absolutely not. This solution will not cost thousands of pounds as we realise that local authorities do not have this level of funding right now. We are all finding Covid-life difficult so Team Netsol are doing all we can to make value for money solutions and trying to help in the best way that we can. 


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