Netsol Connect

Service delivery reimagined to equip your teams to automate business processes, optimise resources and deliver superior customer services

The future of service delivery

Netsol Connect is a single sign-on administration system, that fully integrates into your local authority systems. Business processes are automated to create efficiencies within your teams and simpler, more personalised user-experiences.

Comprehensive data management and analytic tools will optimise customer journeys and council resources.

Open API’s, developer tools and simple form-builders will ensure your team can remain agile to policy, citizen needs and future trends.

We have a programme of releases planned to transform working processes and citizen accessibly to give your teams the power to create an accessible user-led benefits service, that directs resources where they are most needed.

Our track record

Team Netsol is well known for its BECS range of citizen tailored engagement software.

Netsol has delivered solutions across local authorities, national governments, and citizens in a diverse range of applications. This includes housing benefits, council tax support, reporting changes in circumstances and even supporting citizens to get help when in crisis. We even helped deliver a national census!

Netsol, through partnerships with local authorities, has been a pioneer in creating better citizens journeys while facilitating real savings for its partners. That is why our customers have remained with us for more than 20 years.

The journey

Our evolution continues and we are bringing new technologies to our BECS range of products. Imagine if you were involved in the next part of our transition, delivering enhanced services to your citizens that are tailored to their needs, whilst bringing efficiencies to your organisation.

Smart integration

Netsol Connect offers applications that automatically update your financial systems and index supporting documents correctly and accurately into your document management systems. Imagine how much time and effort this could save your teams.

Automated data management - makes big data a breeze

Netsol Connect provides you with large amounts of data, not possible with manual systems. Imagine knowing the information that could allow you to enhance your citizen’s journey on the fly, thereby maximising engagement and satisfaction.

Secure by design

Netsol Connect provides you with the certainty that you need, ensuring that the data and evidence that you collect are secure. All data is held within the UK. Your citizens can have confidence knowing that the information being processed is managed responsibly and is used in their best interests.

Your forms, your way

With Netsol Connect you can quickly create your own forms. Imagine the speed and productivity benefits from easily deploying online forms with the same rich features and security of our existing BECS applications!

Join us

Join our many customers and be part of the most important re-imagining of local authority front-line service delivery in two decades.

Just imagine this...

86% of those who apply for council services are processed efficiently and accurately by BECS, no hidden algorithms, just properly tailored self-service systems. Of the remaining 14%, two thirds are assessed by council officers with no additional contact needed with the citizen, leaving only the complex remainder to get the essential attention that they need.

Customer Testimonials

Case Studies

"John and Ann needed to apply for housing benefit to move into private accommodation. They applied through BECS Claims and uploaded all their documentary proof through BECS Scan. BECS claims produced an assessment on the amount of HB and Council Tax Support they would receive. On receipt of confirmation from BECS Claims, the landlord immediately approved their tenancy - they moved in the following day. HB/CTR was fully assessed by the council on the data from BECS Claims and Scan within 48 hours of the application."
John and Ann, ,

Jane sought assistance through Cheshire West and Chester’s BECS GetHelp service. She needed further help with rent payments and was applying for discretionary housing. During the process the system identified that she was also fleeing domestic violence and was living in overcrowded accommodation. The result was that she was moved to more suitable housing and received additional help with her rent.