BECS Upload

Upload any evidence, to any form direct to your DMS

Corporate use of BECS Upload helps free up front-line staff and reduces unnecessary face-to-face contact

Integration with existing forms across any system means contact centres can remain closed and ensure the safety of citizens. Visits are not needed as all types of information can be provided via the secure online channel. Those who are required to supply documents can do so easily, securely and safely.

Front-line staff can remain focused in supporting Citizens in key areas of the Local Authority

By utilising a single corporate solution consistency is established, and staff can be confident in understanding just one product as opposed to various less productive methods.

Automation limits security risks and saves time

Current methods are made up of multiple systems that are disjointed and require numerous touch points, contain security risks and high levels staff resources. BECS Upload will take the information directly from a web page used by the citizen, auto-index the documents and direct them straight into a Local Authority’s DMS system.

BECS Upload removes the need for files to be emailed around. By avoiding insecure email transfer of sensitive data, and providing seamless integration with existing web services, this solution reduces data risk, reduces cost and alleviates redundant use of staff resource by fully automating the service.

Secure evidence uploads and file management that enables GDPR compliance

Existing systems typically rely on email of information, collation and manual indexing to a DMS. Alternatively, they use a basic web form that delivers the file to a location for manual transfer. These processes contain several leakage points of data, from the email transfer to the manual review and potential human error when linking documents to core records.

BECS Upload is secure – we host it and maintain the privacy shield. It is established and is held off-site, reducing resource needed within the LA to manage the systems and data. All documents can be viewed together within the system (subject to GDPR rules) in addition to the transfer of files directly to DMS in real-time. Workflow is quickly accessible for all data provided by the customers.



I am concerned about my citizens’ data and the problems Brexit will bring, is my data safe and held within the UK?

ALL Team Netsol solutions are hosted securely in dedicated ISO certified data centres within the UK. The potential EU-US Privacy Shield problems faced by many other suppliers, between EU and the US frameworks, are not a problem for our customers as we have always ensured total protection.


We just ask our customers to email us the required information, which has worked ok for us – why can’t I just carry on with that?

Certain information pertaining to your customers should NOT be emailed. We ourselves have email verification that checks for things such as Ni No within text and prohibits the sending of them, to ensure security. Whilst having emails is easy and everyone can do it, there are better ways. This is in terms of consistency of information, security and risk. Having a single web form solution that has secure file transfer and zero human contact is much better.


We have people who check the emails or review the webform content, this seems to work well enough for us so why change?

Absolutely, this is a fair process, but can it be made better? Organisations are constantly looking for improvements, efficiencies and savings so is this an area that could be changed for the better? Would reducing that cost help fund other key services? Would moving that resource from that function to another front-line service be a better use of time?


Is this expensive? Corporate products usually cost a lot of money

BECS Upload is designed to be used in one or more departments. Therefore, it is priced in such a way that there isn’t a huge cost burden up front for a system that is hoped to be used across 10 departments but only ever rolls out to 2. We understand these challenges as we have seen it many times over years of working with Local Authorities. It is scalable and capable of use across a whole organisation with a consistent UI – it doesn’t have to be used across the whole group from day one…but it can be!


Does BECS Upload meet online accessibility standards, will our Citizens be able to view the form if they have any difficulties with vision for example?

We ensure all forms that are developed by Team Netsol meet the highest standards. All Public Sector web pages must meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards, which our solutions do. This is essential to ensuring all customers have the same opportunities to view online services.