Upload evidences easily and securely online

Securely channel shift evidence capture and reduce contacts

BECS Scan provides highly secure, browser-based evidence capture on desktop computers and mobile devices. It enables you to reduce the cost of roll out whilst protecting your internal systems.

Fully integrated as part of the BECS Claim form, this is the most comprehensive and easiest way for a citizen to complete a full claim. This is the most effective way to obtain evidences required to process and complete a HB/CTR claim.

Using any capture device (scanner, digital camera, smartphone, etc.), BECS Scan enables citizens, council staff and designated partners, to quickly and easily capture and transfer evidences electronically to the back office. This is carried out directly on the claim form at the point of completion, or days later when information is located.

Secure evidence capture for citizens

The self-service feature allows customers to capture their own evidences and attach them to their application where appropriate.

Benefits include:
• Saves scanning, photocopying and postage costs
• Driven by the customised Evidence Check List, including local Risk Based Verification rules, during or after data capture
• Allows users to preview and crop captured images
• Outputs a Missing Evidence List to facilitate multiple visits
• Countermeasures to prevent service from being abused with encrypted images that can only be accessed by the Council
• Automatically indexes into your Document Management System