BECS Revenues

Improve customer data collection for Council Tax and Revenues with intelligent forms

Reduce administration and streamline, by managing high volume services

Transform your digital revenues services with easy to use and quick to setup online forms. Track address changes, setup direct debits and automate key revenues services. No registration required; customers can submit information direct via the authority website. 100% online transactions, no need for busy customer service centres.

Integrate front-end services with back-end system to maximise efficiency

Integration eliminates time spent rekeying information, whilst ensuring better data accuracy. Our automation service ensures data is transferred into EDMS easily and effectively. Data is converted to readable PDFs and transferred in real-time to local authority document management systems.

Manage applications for discounts and exemptions, online

Speed up processing of Council Tax moves, SPD applications and other revenues services. Record changes to tenancy, moves in/out/within the area and process payments, arrangements, and direct debits.

Allow your customers to apply for services and keep your authority updated on everything that can affect administration of key processes.

Established services with proven results

Our forms have been used by authorities for many years, with millions of transactions processed every year. We work with authorities and partners to ensure the best possible service with the customer at the forefront of everything that we do.



Our highest volume of customer changes are shown to be address changes, do you have forms to assist with this?

Yes. We have dedicated forms for address moves, these are for moves into your area, moves out and those that move within. We have processed hundreds of thousands of moves each year and seamlessly updated back-office systems with the information provided.


What about direct debits, can these be setup and verified online?  

Two of the many forms that we provide are dedicated to handling the setup of direct debits for both Council Tax and Business Rates. These do not require separate signatures and are completed and passed to the authority in real-time. We have direct debit integrated into our moving forms, as well as separate dedicated direct debit setup.


Once someone has filled in the form online, where does it go – do I have to check emails?

We look to automate as much as possible in the process. Your customers will quickly complete our easy to use online forms and then we convert this information into easy to read PDF format. This is then transferred into your back-office systems in real-time, fully indexed and ready to go.


My local authority is quite small and so we don’t really need online forms

Our research has shown that over 80% of local authorities have 1 or more forms for assisting with Revenues. Every authority would benefit from having an easy to use suite of digital forms, from tangible cost benefits to meeting channel shift needs.


Does Revenues Digital meet online accessibility standards, will our customers be able to view the form if they have any difficulties with vision and such?

We ensure all forms that are developed by Team Netsol meet the highest standards. All Public Sector web pages must meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards, which our solutions do. This is essential to ensuring all customers have the same opportunities to view online services.