Gather all of the information that you need to administer a Full Case Review.

Assurance of accurate data and optimum customer contact

Claimant data is validated at the point of entry and only complete entries can be submitted, which reduces customer contact points and ensures high data quality.

The simple user interface can be accessed by a pc, smartphone or mobile device.

A central admin system stores the collated data, evidences and responses together, creating an efficient evaluation process for the assessor.

Maximise assessor time and the number of claims processed

The systems integrated evidence upload ensures a secure and seamless collection of claimant details and required proofs. This can be during the claim itself or later if further evidences are requested by the authority.

Ultimately, customer contacts are reduced and the number of cases assessed can be maximised. This method, compared to letters and reminders, or continued phone calls, will reduce per-claim time drastically.

Additionally we integrate supplied documents and claim details into your back-office system, which is automated at the point of upload and claim completion.

Trust BECS established technology

With a 20-year heritage in building secure data management systems for local authorities and central government, you can trust Team Netsol’s intelligent solutions. We help support your most vulnerable customers and create seamless working processes for you.

Data integrity is at the heart of our company ethos. You can be confident we are GDPR compliant and meet UK hosting requirements.

See HBAA in Action...



I have already opted in to the 2020 reviews so this may be a little late for me, would you agree?

Our assumption is that even though the pilots were carried out prior to this secondary voluntary rollout, processes and systems are still not fully defined. Our research shows that numerous methods have been applied so far but these are seen as really proofing how the reviews will work for 2021. Therefore, by adopting our system prior to the 2021 start date, you will be in a better position to improve on your processing when dealing with full 12-month review cycles.


We have a form, so we don’t need another one, unless you have something extra to offer?

We understand that time pressures, and improved capabilities from IT and Comms teams, mean that Local Authorities can now create simple forms for a multitude of purposes. However, like our DHP, Covid and Track and Trace products before it, we provide an administration section that joins together the front-end form with the back-end activity. We offer end-to-end processing to take your customer information in securely, gather evidences, and give you an area to view all the information together to make clear decisions from.


We will need to gather evidences to prove information that has been specified, can you help with this?

BECS HBAA utilises existing product technology to collect customer evidences either during the claim process, or days and weeks later. Should you wish to set out a clear policy of mandated evidences to accompany the claim itself or prefer to request evidence as and when it is needed, our solution is there to facilitate.


How sophisticated is your form part of the solution, can it do any checking, and will it leave out unnecessary questions? We don’t want it too complicated.

It is a Team Netsol form so of course it is intelligent! We have designed the questions with our customers, so we aren’t looking to ask for too much information. We carry out standard checks for mandatory fields, address validity and modulus checks for references. This ensures some basic, but essential checks, for responses provided. If a response means the next 3 sections don’t need to be presented, then we won’t. We will however gather all the necessary information securely and effectively.


What about MIS, reporting – I will need to produce outputs, will the system do any of this?

Again, standard features in our products now are the ability to get standard and non-standard outputs from the data collected. You can specify your own criteria to create record counts, accepted reviews and such to ensure reporting is quick and easy. Spreadsheets are all well and good for storing information but become cumbersome when data has to be broken down and reported. We do things the other way around, we create the outputs that can be opened in Excel to make manipulation and viewing to your personal preference.