BECS Get Help

Target help where it’s really needed

Getting help to citizens in need

Team Netsol worked with Cheshire West and Chester Council to develop a system to support their Get HELP tool, following feedback from the Poverty Truth Commission that their residents did not know where to go to when they needed help.

This solution combines multiple welfare assessments into a single means test. It then signposts to other sources of support that citizens need to prevent them from falling into crisis or debt, such as digital assistance, welfare, employment and housing.

GetHelp will rapidly connect customers with the right type of council assistance and track outcomes.

24/7 online applications

Online applications for assistance are routed to the relevant council team or to other service providers to avoid more costly presentations to statutory services in the future.

BECS Get Help includes:

• an online application form to triage customers’ problems
• a personal budget calculator
• a needs assessment
• a discretionary payments assessment
• repeat awards and reminders for follow up of outcomes

All of this wrapped up in a single customisable solution that can be easily used by the citizen. The authority can identify workflow for setting up the entry of information, and manage the throughput of details provided.

Customer Testimonials

Case Study

"Miss K’s arrears were paid directly to the landlord to avoid eviction "
Miss K, Parent of 3, Cheshire West & Chester

Unemployed Miss K, parent of 3 children including one with autism and a partner with health issues, had rent arrears of £950.00 and a further £277.80 for the next two weeks’ rent was soon due. There was a mismatch between her rent and Universal Credit payment dates and her landlord was threatening her family with eviction. Miss K had made significant attempts to reduce her expenditure. Unlike the traditional paper process, within 24 hours of submitting an online application an assessment was performed, Miss K’s arrears were paid directly to the landlord to avoid eviction and the landlord agreed to move the rent due date to align with her UC date.

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