BECS Change

Tackle the complexity of reporting changes in customer circumstances

BECS Change encourages reporting of Change in Circumstances anywhere, any time

Based on the same proven technology as BECS Claims, BECS Change empowers Customers, Council staff and designated intermediaries, enabling them to report changes promptly and with ease.

BECS Change tackles the complexity of reporting changes head on, providing an intelligent review and change process that drastically reduces the amount of time to capture changes without omissions or errors being introduced.

Integration online accounts

The system also works with online customer accounts to make use of pre-populated claim information to speed up the process, or without authentication to provide straight reporting of changes without the user having access to private claimant information

Fully integrated

Integrating securely with Council back office systems, BECS Change pulls relevant claimant details from core systems and returns the change data using the National eBenefits Schema for Change of Circumstances, with documents going into DIP/DMS.

BECS Change includes:
• web self service
• pre-populated intelligent change capture
• integration with online customer accounts
• personlised guidance for requitred supporting evidence
• integration to systems, including benefits and document management
• secure and privacy protected