Mid Sussex - Testimonial

Mid Sussex - Testimonial

By Nick Turner

Mid Sussex provided some of their highlights from Connect CTR.

Kevin Stewart from Mid Sussex council provided this testimonial to talk about his experience from Connect CTR.

"Mid Sussex DC selected Team Netsol to help write our updated Council Tax Support Scheme for 2020/21 that includes a new Banded Income Approach.

Due to the impact of the roll out of Universal Credit, with 42% of customers receiving this in Mid Sussex district being employed, the amount they owed in Council Tax changed in a lot of cases each month. Mid Sussex DC have decided to introduce a new approach to how they calculate Council Tax Support to be more transparent to customers and to ease administration for its Council Tax team."

To help write this scheme they brought in Team Netsol, who have experience and knowledge in writing such schemes. Kevin Stewart, Business Unit Leader at Mid Sussex DC stated "Team Netsol have the Benefit knowledge and skill that we need to write our Council Tax Support Scheme for 2020/21. The Scheme they have written for Mid Sussex DC highlights this."

Kevin Stewart
Business Unit Leader
Mid Sussex DC