Blackburn & Darwen - Testimonial

Blackburn & Darwen - Testimonial

By Nick Turner

Blackburn & Darwen provided some of their highlights from Connect CTR.

Blackburn & Darwen were the first authority to take on the service offered by Team Netsol. They were so pleased with what we produced that they were happy to prepare the following statement:

Like most councils, Blackburn with Darwen administered a Council Tax Support scheme that was extremely detailed and almost a replica of the old Council Tax Benefit scheme. We have always known that it was a real barrier to customers who found it difficult to understand and follow. When faced with additional budget savings in 2018, and the need to make some more significant changes to the scheme, we took the opportunity to rewrite the whole scheme in easy to understand language that made it more accessible to understand, and easier to administer.

Team Netsol’s Malcolm Gardner and Paul Howarth assisted and supported us throughout, providing the expertise and advice in the design of the changes. Progress was monitored via regular check points, with the full rewrite of the scheme delivered ahead of the agreed date. Our scheme now consists of 44 easy to read pages, rather than the previous 180-page document.

I would highly recommend Malcolm and Paul to any council seeking advice and support with changes to their scheme, whether they be minor or a full rewrite.

Andy Ormerod
Head of Revenues, Benefits and Customer Services Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council