BECS at Sefton Council

BECS at Sefton Council

By Nick Turner

Diane Turner explains why Sefton enjoys using the BECS solution.

Sefton Council took on BECS via Arvato. The system has been successfully used for a number of years.

"We've been using Team Netsol's BECS e-solution for Housing Benefit and local Council Tax Support for several years now so it is well-tried and tested.

The solution very quickly enabled us to move away from a lengthy, paper-based process to achieve efficiencies. Almost immediately, the BECS entitlement calculator removed the receipt of applications from customers who would not qualify. The self-serve web-based facility meant that customers had more options to make or maintain their claim, while the intelligent format of the solution means that customers are only providing information and evidence that is relevant to them thereby reducing the need for repeat contact.

Integration with our electronic document management and processing systems means that staff can avoid having to re-key information, doing more in less-time.

Team Netsol have always been very responsive in our dealings with them and it remains a positive experience working with them."

Diane Turner
Customer Centric Services Manager
Sefton BC