BECS at Derbyshire Dales

BECS at Derbyshire Dales

By Nick Turner

Paul Ratcliffe explains why DD enjoys using the BECS solution

Derbyshire Dales Council took on BECS Claims. The system has been successfully used for a number of years.

"Derbyshire Dales has used the web-based BECS calculator for almost ten years and it remains one of my favourite applications assisting claimants and their representatives in providing an accurate entitlement calculation. The software is intuitive and easy to use leading on to an electronic claims process that is more user friendly than traditional paper form filling.

BECS Claims has improved the accuracy of claim assessments by limiting the opportunity for customers to commit errors. The whole process is reliable, consistent and provides accurate calculation outcomes and data capture. The evidence check list provides a personalised list of evidences that each customer can easily follow to ensure that their claim is dealt with at the first point of contact. Work throughput has improved and I would state that the BECS suite of products provides the efficiencies that my team are forever seeking to use to improve our customer services, meeting our KPI related to accuracy and speed of processing whilst also being innovative in our service delivery."

Paul Ratcliffe
Operational Benefits Manager
Derbyshire Dales DC & Chesterfield BC working in partnership with Arvato